Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website privacy policy was updated on 27/10/2015

Anyone with information held by us will be notified whenever this policy changes.

Maurice Blackman Ltd may collect and store information about you, and/or your company.

Whether the information is used or not, this policy holds to the following points:

Improvements of our services

This information will be kept confidential, it will only be used when needed.

When this information is no longer needed it will be disposed of (at most, six months after the fact).

We will collect the following information:

This information will be destroyed by means of shredding, or digital deletion from computers, hard drives, servers and other forms of data storage.

We will never pass out information about you, your company or your clients without prior consent and good reason. We will contact you directly if this should ever come to pass.

You have the right to be private online, we will never ask you for personal details when they are not needed. Information which is not needed will be destroyed. If you wish to view what information we have on you, please contact us and we will provide you with a list of what we have, and when it was gathered (if possible).

Please note we are not liable for any damages in pertaining to any information we have on you. Any information we gather will have been submitted to us by the end user of our services.

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If you have any questions about this policy, please email or write to:

Maurice Blackman Ltd
Unit 13E Miners Way
Lakesview Business Park
Kent CT3 4LQ

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